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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Persian rugs were originally crafted in the Middle East, specifically Iran.

Their weaving technique dates back thousands of years to the ancient Persian Empire. Due to that, Persian rugs are considered as a subset of oriental rugs.

Persian rugs are designed with asymmetrical knots having the designs like:

  • An All-over pattern: Repeated geometric or floral pattern all over the rug;

  • The Compartmental pattern, repeated design in different compartments of a rug. The compartments can be in the square, oval or circular shapes;

  • One side pattern: Typically asymmetrical where the design on the half does not match the other half of the rug; and

  • Central medallion: Featuring a circular or oval contrasting design in the centre of the carpet. The central design can be a geometric design, an animal or a text.

The Color Used in Persian Rugs

The majority of natural dyes come from plant sources and other biological sources such as fungi and lichens. Traditional dyes used in Persian rugs are acquired from plants.

Camel wool is often dyed in black or used in its natural colour. Rich indigo blues and crimson reds are prevalent in Persian rugs.

Gold and silver colour threads are sometimes used in them as well to resemble or symbolize wealth & prosperity and power.

Maintenance of Persian Rugs 

With normal use and regular cleaning, you can keep it as a new one even after years of use. However, it is important to follow the proper care techniques to keep these beautiful pieces of art in good condition.

If you are using a Persian rug in an area where there is low footfall, it would require cleaning once in 3-4 years.

  • Spills-

The sooner you remove the stain, the better chances are for getting rid of it for good. Of course, mopping up excess fluid as quickly as possible is essential but do not use a detergent which has strong chemicals in it that potentially ruin the rug.

  • Clean up fast-

Use a clean cloth and start on the outside of the stain, slowly blotting your way in toward the centre. Persian rugs are very delicate in colour so keep them clean and dirt free using a vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuuming can remove almost all the dirt from the rugs. It is recommended to clean the rug with different tools of vacuum cleaners to remove the dirt deep inside from the bottom.

  • Damage-

Small holes are evidence of moth damage and must be dealt with quickly to lessen the spread. As soon as you see holes in there or damaged fringes, take the rug for a repair to the professional rug keepers.

  • Rug rotation-

It is recommended to rotate your rugs every few months and turn them around 180 degrees so that there is even wear and tear.


In both Persian as well as Oriental rugs, the materials are same. They use natural fibre to make rugs. Wool and silk are the most common materials in both the types of rugs. Cotton is also used sometimes in both the rugs.

They both are hand knotted. An authentic Oriental rug will only be made out of wool and/or silk. On the other hand, in most Persian rugs, the pile is of sheep's wool. Its characteristics and quality vary from each area to the next, depending on the breed of sheep, climatic conditions where it was kept, land it used to pasture, and the specific customs related to when and how the wool is trimmed and refined.

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