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Oriental Rugs: Know Your Rug, From Production To Its Care

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

An oriental rug is any hand-knotted piece produced in any of the following countries: China, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Nepal.

Countries producing Oriental Rugs - Map

Oriental rugs are finished off on both sides and ends.

The side finishing is necessary as this part of the rug is most vulnerable to wear off. The designs are often vague and indistinct because of the symmetrical knots tied in the warp. The back side is covered with perfectly straight lines. The fringes are not an extension of the warp, rather they are sewn separately on both the ends.

The Colors used in Oriental Rugs

As well as being a factor in assessing the value of an Oriental rug, colours can have a symbolic significance. The weavers use natural dyes obtained from the pigmentation of the flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Oriental rug weavers add blue colour in the rugs which symbolizes solitude and power. Often gold colour is also used to symbolize wealth and prosperity.

The orange colour symbolizes humility.

Black is not used anywhere except the outlines since it is associated with mourning and destruction.

Maintenance of Oriental Rugs 

Do not put an Oriental rug on a damp floor as the moisture can cause it to rot.

Always ask for professional help if the rug needs cleaning. Keep rotating the rug, so that it wears off in a symmetrical manner.

Repairs -Damaged wefts and holes can be expertly repaired. Damaged or worn off fringes can also be repaired or renewed.

Hand Tinting - Colors that fade away or change over the course of time can be restored by skilled artists in this field.

Stains - ​Some stains are quite difficult to remove by conventional ordinary method. Professional cleaners have the know-how and can remove the most stubborn stains that were impossible to remove at home.

Stretching - ​Certain types of hand-made carpets can stretch & deform over use. For example; an Afghan carpet. But by using a carpet of the premium quality, this problem can be solved by stretching the carpet from all sides equally.

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Weaver working on a Hand-knotted Rug

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