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Which Natural Fibre Rugs Are Perfect For You

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Finding out which rug material will suit best in the spaces of your home is essential. It is important to consider things like where will you be using that rug, how much amount of footfall will be there on the rug, how soft you want your feet to feel and how much you would have to care for them etc. Among all these things, the most important aspect is to determine how much you are ready to invest.

Find out below which materials are used to make the rugs and decide which one suits your home better:



Wool is a natural fibre obtained from sheep and is one of the softest and most common materials for the rugs. Wool has amazing insulating properties and is fire repellent which makes them perfect for regions having long winter season with low temperature all around. Rugs made out of wool are perfect for the high footfall areas as they become more durable and also feel soft. It is easy to clean as it has a good stain repellence property. Woollen rugs are also resistant to crushing and can be used for a longer period of time.

It must be vacuumed regularly to keep it clean and to extend its life. You must avoid placing it in the areas where direct sunlight comes as it could fade the colour of the rug. Also, avoid putting it in the damp areas as it absorbs humidity.

Suits best in: Hallways, Living room, Playroom and other high footfall areas.


Cotton is a natural fibre that comes from the cotton plant. It is one of the most inexpensive materials for the rug and is known for its calmness and breathability. It is mostly used in flat woven rugs such as kilims and dhurries. Cotton rugs are easy to clean and maintain as their light weight makes them suitable for machine wash. Since they have no pile and they are light weight as compared to wool, they are not much durable and cannot be used for longer period of time.

It must be vacuumed on a regular basis and must be washed or steam cleaned to keep them clean and extend their life.

Suits best in: Medium footfall areas like kitchen, casual spaces, children’s room.

Jute & Sisal

Jute and sisal are plant-based fibres that are spun together to make large strands and then woven to produce beautiful natural area rugs. Rugs made of these fibres are mostly of natural colours but they can also be dyed to have a different colour entirely or have a different colour border.

They are very strong and durable and generally free from any type of harmful chemicals. Jute and sisal rugs have a coarse texture but feel soft barefoot. Direct sunlight does not affect jute and sisal rugs which makes them perfect for casual settings as well.

To keep it clean for a longer period of time, spills must be cleaned immediately. Dry cleaning is recommended. Also, keep them in the direct sunlight to let the moisture out from time to time.

Suits best in: Hallways, Living Room and other high footfall areas.


Silk is a natural fibre that is harvested from an insect called silkworm. It takes a lot of silkworm larvae to extract enough amount of silk and a long time to make them into workable materials. This is one of the reasons why silk rugs are expensive. Silk gives rugs a luxurious lustre, soft feel and a highly decorative look and that is why it is mostly associated with luxury. They have always been an epitome of the luxury as the Kings & royals had a love for silk rugs and used them as a symbol of beauty.

Silk rugs have finer details than wool since the silk strands are quite thin than that of wool.

Persian silk rugs are the most expensive rugs among all just because of the fine details and beautiful designs and patterns in them. They feel very soft underfoot but delicate and should not be used in the areas of high or medium footfalls.

Regular professional cleaning is recommended for using them over a longer period of time. It is also recommended to rotate the silk rug at least once a year so that rug wears off evenly.

Suits best in: Bedroom and other light footfall areas.

If you've found the perfect natural fibre material for your space, check out our collection of rugs here!

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