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Welcome & Impress Your Guests With Style – Hallway Rugs

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Hallway rugs, generally called runner rugs, are specially designed and crafted for long and narrow areas such as hallways, entryways, staircases or foyers.

They can be made into a variety of sizes depending on the convenience and need of the home and are usually long varying from sizes 5 feet to 14 feet long and 2 feet to 3 feet wide. These rugs are usually rectangular in shape having the length several times the width but you can find different shapes of hallway rugs in the markets as well.

Why should you use them? ​​

No wonder, the main purpose of the hallway rugs is like any other rugs, that is, to protect the floor and reduce the noise. Apart from this, having a runner rug in your entryway impresses your guests and reflects your taste and personality. On the tiled and polished icy surfaces, they help to minimize the risk of accidents. Because their narrow width is perfect for spaces in your home where a large rug may not be advisable. This is one of the main reasons why these rugs are so well-received by homeowners who use them as an apparent solution to revamp the lengthy and freezing hallways from boring and shallow to warm and colourful.

An astonishing rug on the entryway can set the tone of the rest of your home.

Dashing and fun-loving colours with noticeable designs are friendly and responsive. Though you can decide on formal or informal entryway rugs depending on the kind of environment you are trying to create.

How to choose a hallway rug?

A hallway/runner rug can have a great impact on the entire home interior. That is why selecting an appropriate runner rug can be critical. There are a few aspects that must be considered before you purchase a hallway/runner rug.

  • Size:

The very first factor to be considered before purchasing a runner rug is to keep in mind the available area. As a rule, 3 to 5 inches of spaces has to be left on each side of a runner rug. Even in cramped spaces, it must not be less than 3 inches. If the hallways are longer than usual, you can leave more space on both ends but not too much that it looks like inclined more towards one end than other. Ideally, put it in the centre, leaving an equal amount of space on both the long sides. It must not hinder the door in opening and be at a comfortable distance from an entryway.

  • Design and Pattern:

There are unlimited number of designs and patterns to choose from. The collection ranges from the oriental ones to modern & fashionable. The design or pattern you choose should orchestrate with the rest of the décor in your home as well as match the ambience of your home. It should also highlight the floor where it has been placed.

Modern & fashionable hallway rugs go well with the tiled surfaces while stylish wooden floors demand traditional designed rugs. Although, bold & solid coloured and striped hallway rugs can be used on any floor as long as they integrate with the rest of the room. Geometric patterned hallway rugs go well with the modern homes whereas traditionally renovated homes demand botanic or oriental patterns. Overall, what is required is a slick and comfy look.

  • Colour:

The colour of the hallway has a lot to do with the rest of the home. The colours of the walls as well as décor around have to be considered to design an amiable look. A colourful hallway rug can spice up the surrounding space if the colour of the walls is neutral. For a comfortable accent, choose a colour that matches with the floor. Dark and solid coloured hallway rugs are recommended where the footfall is high and they require lower maintenance. Very noisy or bright colours are not recommended in a small space.

  • Material:

The hallways are the areas in your homes where there is a high footfall. So, choosing a hallway rug that is durable in nature and can withhold high traffic would be a nice idea. Look for more reliable and rugged material. You need to have a hallway rug that is easy to clean and withstand heavy traffic.

It is recommended to use the wool rug, that is highly durable in nature and can withstand the heavy footfalls as well. Another great choice could be the jute rug. Jute is a highly durable material and very hard wearing. The other options include rugs made up of synthetic material, like polypropylene, acrylic and PET, which are easy to clean and hard wearing as well.

Hallway Rug Placed in The Foyer Area of A House

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