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How to Decorate With Flat-Woven Rugs

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

  • Layering with natural fibre rugs

Layering two rugs, one top on the another, is the trending approach that is becoming quite popular these days. To achieve this trend-leading design, start with a neutral base such as a natural fibre area rug.

Most interior designers apply jute or sisal rug as a base and layer a flat-woven rug on top, leaving 1-1.5 feet of space on all sides.

This layering effect of two rugs creates an alluring contrast between the two rugs.

  • Layering with multiple flat-weave rugs

Another notable design trend is layering various flat-woven rugs, one top of the other to create a mishmash or jumbled effect.

The mishmash effect not only brings a new textural dimension to the area but also works to attach the furniture creatively and playfully.

Try to use different flat-woven rugs with similar colours and patterns to give life to any space right away.

  • Where to use flat-woven rugs in your home

Picking a perfect space for your flat-woven rugs can be quite simple as they are reversible and look ravishing anywhere you place.

But looking for a space to set the home apart from just enjoying the flat-woven rugs in the living room, then add it to the kitchen, bathroom or even in the hallway.

By adding an unexpected flat-woven rug in a bathroom or kitchen will undeniably comfort up space and add a new touch.

Presenting a flat-woven rug at the front door or in the hallway is also an outstanding choice as the rug will not only introduce the rest of the home but also be used to remove the dirt or soil by the guests or visitors.

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