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Trying To Find The Perfect Rug? We’ve Got You Covered!

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Finding the perfect rug is never an easy task. We’ve all been there - going from store to store, spending way too many hours and still not finding what you’re looking for. Fret not though; we’ve collated all the information you need to make the best choice. So let’s dive in!

1. Decide Where You Want To Set The Rug

When picking out a rug, it is imperative that you are clear about where you want to place it. You want your rug to pop out and add some style to the room.

Different rugs belong to different parts of the house. A bedroom rug might not have the same charm in your living room.

Be sure of where you want to place the rug.

2. Size

Before buying a rug, decide upon its size.

The rug doesn’t necessarily have to cover all the floor area.

You could pick a rug that includes only the bare space, not the furniture. You could choose a rug that would partially cover the area under the furniture along with all the empty area.

When deciding on a rug for the dining area, it would be nice to choose a rug that covers the entire dining table area, be it round or boxed. There’s an endless range of possibilities! Whatever you do, DO NOT guess the size of rug you need.

Carefully measure the area and then make your choice.

3. Shape

Contrary to popular belief, rugs are available in a wide variety of forms. Different shapes are suited for different areas of the house.

In case you’re confused, here is what we think works best:

  • RUNNER: Bedroom, hallway

  • SQUARE: Living room, dining room

  • RECTANGLE: Living room, bedroom, entryway, home office, sink, stove, laundry

  • ROUND: Dining room, entryway

  • OVAL: Living room, dining room

  • OCTAGON: Dining room, entryway

  • HEARTH: Entryway

  • KIDNEY: Living room

4. Colour

A rug is an excellent way to make the room aesthetically pleasing.

This is your chance to get as creative as you like and work on your picture-perfect place.

The rug does not have to be the same shade as the furniture and walls of the room.

You can consider a gamut of complementing hues and shades. You could go for a single coloured rug or a multicoloured variant. The design could have symmetric patterns or be totally abstract.

Because this choice doesn’t need rules, just follow your heart!

5. Material

Oh, the possibilities! There are loads of materials for you to choose from. The material is an essential aspect as it determines how well your rug will hold up.

Materials are broadly divided into four categories; Plant Fibers, Synthetic Fibers, Plant Synthetic Fibers and Animal Fibers.

  1. SYNTHETIC FIBERS: They have a smooth texture and shiny appearance. They are highly durable and moisture & stain resistant. Some examples are Nylon and Polyester.

  2. PLANT SYNTHETIC FIBERS: They are soft, smooth and silky sheen. However, they have low durability and are not moisture & stain resistant. Bamboo Silk and Viscose are Plant Synthetic Fibers.

  3. PLANT FIBERS: These fibres are available in a lot of textures and appearances. They usually have moderate to high durability. Some plant fibres are moisture resistant. However, they are not stain resistant. Examples include Cotton and Linen.

  4. ANIMAL FIBERS: They too come in various textures and appearances. They usually have moderate to high durability. Some of these fibres are moisture & stain resistant. For example, Hair-On-Hide and Wool.

Once you’ve given a thought to all of these points, you’re ready to pick your perfect rug. Check out our collection!

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