Commonly known as Kilims or Dhurries, handwoven rugs are woven on a hand-operated loom by a team of weavers.

 On the loom, the yarn or weft is thrown through the middle of the bottom and top warp. The weaver then compacts the rug with the beater and the weft and warp are woven together. The warp forms the pile or “face” of the rug and the weft makes the base or “backing” of the rug. They have moderate shedding, subsiding over time and can usually be reversed and used. The construction of these rugs takes about 4 to 6 months while they can last for up to 10 years, depending on use. The price of these rugs varies somewhere between $200 to $500.


Hand-woven shags are made with hundreds of plush, twisted and slightly felted yarns. Each fibre can be as long as 6 inches. They have a very shaggy appearance and may or may not have a canvas backing.


Flatweave rugs are created using a simple weaving technique that yields beautiful, detailed patterns and vibrant colours. They are typically made from wool, cotton or synthetic materials.

In most cases, the design of the rug can be viewed clearly from both sides, making it reversible.


In this construction, rugs can be all cut pile, cut-and-loop pile or all loop pile. Occasionally, the rug may be hand-carved to highlight texture and design. They may or may not have a canvas backing.

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