These rugs are made using a hand-operated gun-like machine to shoot fibres onto the canvas stretched on a frame.

When all the yarn is punched into the pattern, a backing is placed on the rug with latex, to keep the fibres in place.

Once complete, the rug’s tufts or “loops” may be visible, shaved down, or carved to create definition in the pattern. 

This process requires lesser time and is not as painstaking

as hand-knotting. Standard hand-tufted rugs cost about $300 to $500 while

Premium rugs cost about $500 to $1200.

The Standard rugs last for 3 to 6 years whereas the Premium rugs last for 5 to 10

years. The degree of shedding in these rugs depends upon the quality of wool used

and rug density. These rugs typically have a cut-pile surface.

However, some designs have both loops and cut pile combined to add a dimensional effect to the pattern

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