Hand-knotted rugs, also known as Oriental Weaver Rugs are the crème de la crème of rugs.

They are made by hand on a specialized loom. Weavers meticulously tie each and every knot to create intricate designs.

The process of manufacturing a hand-knotted rug is rather time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Depending on the type of knots made, the size of the wool strands,

and how tightly the knots are tied and pounded down, the density and level of quality of a rug is determined. 

The back of the rug reveals a lot about its quality and is a good reference for assessing value.

These rugs are made using natural fibres such as Silk and Wool and have minimal shedding.
These rugs typically have high standards of quality. Because of their punctilious
construction, they can last for 15-25 years. If made from the best quality materials
and maintained with care, hand-knotted rugs may even last for over 100 years.
Owing to the laborious process and worthwhile result, these rugs tend to have a
higher cost. Though the cost should be considered as an investment. These rugs
are extremely valuable and do not depreciate over time. They can be passed on
from generation to generation, like an heirloom.

The price of these rugs lies somewhere between $500 to $4200.

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