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Handmade Rugs and Carpets, Straight From The Weavers Of Northern India!

From handwoven to hand-tufted rugs, we have it all.

Our assortment of rugs never fails to impress. We work directly with the weavers to ensure that they deliver the best quality goods and receive their hard-earned share.


  • Modern Floral Pattern

    Hand-tufted rug

  • Modern Abstract Pattern

    Hand-tufted rug

  • Modern Geometric Pattern

    Hand-tufted rug

  • Modern Floral Motifs

    Hand-tufted rug

  • Geometric Pattern

    Hand-tufted rug

  • Shag Rug

    Handwoven/ Flatweave rug

  • Recycled Denim Cotton

    Handwoven/Flatweave rug

  • Geometric Kilim/ dhurrie

    Flatweave rug

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Panjaloom Kilim rug weaving handmade rug India


Established in 2017 by Umangshan Ventures, Rugs.Usv is an effort to empower Indian MSME/Artisans/Cooperatives/Self Help Groups and assist them in reaching global markets and flourishing. 

We firmly believe that lifting each other paves the way for the growth of the community. 
Our priority is to boost these small scale professionals by providing artistic and elegant handmade rugs across the globe.
Hand-crafted goods are facing fierce competition from machine-made products. However, these products are still admired and appreciated.
To keep the time-honoured art of handicrafts relevant, we strive to promote these products worldwide, keeping the best interest of the craftsmen in mind. 

Indian handicrafts are used widely throughout the world, yet the craftsmen fail to earn their fair due. We work directly with the makers to ensure they deliver the best quality goods and receive their hard-earned share.

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